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Why Choose RNAGri?

Unmet Need and Market Opportunity

RNA Interference (RNAi) is a natural mechanism of gene expression, and various forms are common in all life. Scientists in all areas of life sciences are working on product development strategies based on harnessing this natural regulatory mechanism which blocks, or down regulates, the expression of specific genes. RNAi is a highly targeted and effective way to impart desired genetic traits without genetic modification and as such can deliver many of the benefits of biotechnology without having to create genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms in agriculture are widespread but still face large public perception issues. Furthermore, they are costly to develop and must overcome extensive regulatory hurdles.

Most of the major agriculture companies are working toward various topical applications of RNAi for crop protection and improvement. However, the cost to supply the large quantities of RNA needed to service the needs for RNAi applications in broad acre agriculture has been a hurdle to future commercial use. Successful execution of RNAgri manufacturing technology will overcome this impediment.

Core Innovation and Competitive Advantage

RNAgri technology allows RNA to be manufactured using well proven large-scale fermentation processes. Prior to RNAgri manufacturing innovations, these large-scale fermentation processes were not viable because the RNA produced by the microbes was broken down and recycled before it could accumulate sufficiently to be isolated in the high quantities required for use in agriculture.

RNAgri technology protects the RNA as it is being produced in the microbe by binding it with a protein and protecting it from RNAse degradation.  This protection mechanism also facilitates subsequent downstream isolation and purification.  Some manifestations of this protein RNA complex may facilitate stability in the environment and thus function to facilitate RNAi delivery.

Business Strategy

RNAgri’s business strategy will leverage its technology development for RNA production and will also involve the develop of RNAi based products for the urban and structural pest management segment.

  • Technology Development:  RNAgri technology has made possible the production of metric ton levels of RNA for topical RNAi applications in broad acre agriculture.  RNAgri will partner with large agriculture players to implement this production technology for various products in broad acre agriculture.  Such products could include RNAi sequences that produce non-GMO traits in crop plants in the field.  Such traits might include drought tolerance or crop quality.  Large scale production of RNA could also allow partners to develop products for insect or disease control or to reverse weed tolerance that has been acquired by many weeds.
  • RNAgri Products:  RNAgri is in a unique position to use its manufacturing technology to produce RNAi products for the management and control of urban and structural pests.  The urban and structural pest market currently consists of reformulated active ingredients from agriculture pest control products.  Many of these products are Restricted Use Products and can only by applied by licensed applicators.  Other products sold over the counter are toxic to humans and pets if not used according to strict guidelines.  RNAi based products are benign to humans and pets and environmentally sustainable.  RNAgri is developing a portfolio of products for household and fire ants, cockroaches and termites.  These products will be safe and easy to use and effective.


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