Gregg Bogosian RNAgri Board member

Chairman, RNAgri Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Gregg Bogosian is a senior scientist and technology leader in human, animal, and crop biotechnology and sole or lead inventor on over 20 issued or pending patents, expert witness in many patent disputes. He is skilled in genetics, biochemistry, physiology and genomics, particularly of plants and microorganisms.

He has extensive experience in fermentation-based processes for the production of proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules, and biofuels and is experienced in cGMP-compliant manufacturing of biologicals.

Dr. Bogosian was at Monsanto over 26 years where he served as Senior Research Fellow and Research Director. At Monsanto he lead the
development Posilac (recombinant bovine growth hormone) which involved a microbial manufacturing process for tens of metric tons of sterile pharmaceutical-grade protein at costs of less than one dollar per gram.

Dr. Bogosian consults extensively in plant and microbial molecular biology, fermentation-based processes, agricultural biotechnology.

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