Carlos Buzio of RNAgri

Carlos Buzio was born and raised in Uruguay and holds BS and MS degrees in Agronomy from the University of Maryland. Upon graduation in 1978 he joined Monsanto and moved to Argentina and Brazil where he held positions of increasing responsibility in product development and marketing.

In 1987 Carlos moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, first in a marketing position covering the rest of Latin America to promote more efficient production practices in diverse crops. Later he transitioned to a marketing role in the research side of the company bringing to it some commercial and international experience. That evolved into being part of multidisciplinary teams developing biotechnology traits. This gave Carlos the opportunity to work on the value capture strategy for biotech traits and later, on the corn seed market and the purchase of seed companies in the USA, Brazil and Asia. The last two roles at Monsanto were Latin America North director and Latin America Technology director.

In 2008 Carlos joined CropLife Latin America as president; he had earlier served on its board and on the board of LAAD (Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation). At CropLife he led a team working with a network of associations in 18 countries to promote proper regulation of pesticides and their responsible use. In 2013 Carlos retired from CropLife Latin America and moved back to the USA where he works on industry consulting engagements.  

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